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The mobile ecosystem mostly encompasses the portals to 2 platforms.

Yes ,obviouly it is “Goolge Play Store” for Android and the “iTunes” for IOS. The other platforms have not gained much familiarity . We provide efficient services to our clients, by carrying their app to Google play store and itunes by optimizing their visibility on these app stores. Our services include post-development of these apps- Android and iOS- inlcudes, ensuring the appearance of the app inside the app stores, improving the positioning on the app stores and continuing services related to marketing which results in better downloads and usage. The strategies we use involve both keyword and asset optimization for the app .We also promote marketing which results in increased downloads. In SEO, the ultimate goal is to acquire traffic whereas in ASO the main goal is to make the users reach the app page on app stores, which will lead to downloads by relevant users. Just as our SEO services, our services in ASO also is based on pure white hat practices. We believe in following long term, ethical practices for App Store Optimization , than following wrong methods for short term gains.

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