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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of SEO to Your Business :

  • SEO is a Primary Source for your Business to acquire new customer leads and enquiries.
  • SEO helps you to acquire large market share for your business in local as well as global market.
  • SEO helps Local Users to Visit your physical store after doing the keyword search
  • SEO helps to increase ROI (Return On Investment) for your business by increasing traffic to your website.
  • SEO helps to increase your Social Media Followers.
  • SEO helps to establish your brand awareness and increases your Brand Credibility.

BestDigitalMarketing team has an all round 360 Degree experience of having achieved top search engine rankings for clients belonging to different industry segments,across all countries .

We have a team of skilled and highly qualified SEO consultants ,who know what it takes to make your website rate higher and perform exceptionally well in the market by increasing the traffic and ranks to the top of the search engines.

We not only optimize your website for driving maximum traffic but also help you in increasing your brand name awareness and credibility .

Are you motivated to try it once? then reach us to acquire a free proposal on how we can help you to acquire more traffic and ranking in major search engines

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Google Adwords - Pay Per Click

Adwords ( Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing or Paid Advertisement) is one of the fastest ways to generate highly relevant traffic to your website. It is one of the more cost effective marketing method for companies of different sizes . Since online medium has become a necessity for all business , the need for Pay Per Click PPC Management advertising has increased to a large extent. If you intend to implement a PPC campaign for your business, do try us.We have a knowledgable team of Google AdWords Certified professionals having expertise in analyzing and procuring the best PPC Solutions which will work for any kind of business. Not only Google AdWords, our BestDigitalMarketing team can manage Pay Per Click campaigns on different search engine platform.

Pay Per Click Process involves the below steps :
  • Initial Discussion to know the Objective - In the initial stage ,we discuss with our client to know the objective of the businesss for PPC Campaign
  • Website Analysis - After collecting inputs from client , we analyze the services offered on client website to make a productive strategy for PPC campaign.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis - We analyse and find different prospective keywords based on the client's products and services targeted
  • Responsive Ad Text Writing - We create adcopies for your product and services with relevant keyword by using effective Ad Text Writing.To get maximum clicks ,we implement A-B Testing by making live 2 different variants of ad to achieve high CTR.
  • Competitor Analysis - we do a periodical analysis on our competitiors process .This helps us to improve our client services
  • Ad Extensions - We incorporate ad extension feature to mention some additional information about clients business like phone number, address, etc.
  • Bid Management - We do periodical checking of bid management so that our clients ads remains at a productive position all the time.
  • Periodical Reports - We send you a weekly or bi-weekly click report of your ppc account and discuss this report to plan the future strategy.
PPC will help the client to gain the following benefits :

1) Fast and quick visibility in the online medium.
2) Increase domestic as well as international visibility.
3) Set our own budget based on the response acquired in the initial stage of ppc campaign .
4) It also helps to improve the traffic on the website which indirectly affects Seo Permformance positively .

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Google Local Listing

Also called Google Maps or Google My Business Listing or Google Places

For long time , businesses have been using phone directories to show themselves on map which will make them visible when customers looks for them . As Google’s business nature almost being the search type and since 90% of online queries begin with search engine, Google has also come with its own local business listings.Google denotes its local business listing platform as Google Maps or Google My Business Listing or Google Local Busines. Google Local Listing results include business name,Phone number,website and address.Once registered in local listing , clients can respond to customers review and include images which will help their business to reach out to more people When prospects search for local keywords in Google, they will be shown local business listings.Many customers and prospects are using Google Maps App specifically for driving directions.If customers are using mobile device, they can tap directly on the listed phone number and reach you . Getting good customers reviews also improves the chance of getting a good position in the local listing . Google gives more importance to business with Local listings to integrate their listings with a Google Plus profile for their business account. Building more number of citations ,which is nothing but listing your business profile in different directories helps in increasing the local listing position .Adding photos related to your business is also advisable for quick local listing

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Website Designing Services

We are well equipped in building a custom and mobile oriented websites.

Do you have a website? If not .then it is need of the hour to create your own website. We will assist you to take the intital step so that you make inroads in the online medium. Whether it be selling products or services, we will assist you to design and develop your own website.

Website Designing Company in Bangalore, India

We design the websites which looks attractive and helps to promote your brand and achieve the required benefits. Our web designing team can make an creative and sales driven website by using the current trends of web technologies.

Our Web designing process include the below steps :

1)Understanding Needs of the web designing - Our team will examine the purpose of the website in depth and design the plan.

2)Designing a Layout - Our team will put their collective efforts to build a basic layout.

3)Finishing the Website - Once we finalise the layout with client , we start designing the website by including attractive colors and graphics to give the user a satisfactory browsing experience.

4)Website maintainance

Once we develop the entire website, then your website is in our phase of free maintenance services for some basic changes and text updates for a specific period, as finalised in the project proposal .

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SMO - Social Media Marketing

Get noticed for your Brand with our unique and productive Social Media Strategy.

How to get connected in the best way to your customers? How to your customers think about your products? Social Media acts as a solution for these queries . It is one of the best ways to get connected with your customer and relate with them. If you have still not tried this strategy , it is need of the hour for you to adopt this social medium . We will assist you to make social media the trump card of your brand. We will choose the best marketing platform to advertise your brand products and services locally as well as globally.

Best Social Media Management Company in Bangalore, India

Best Digital Marketing is one of the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore, India.We work with various large ,medium and small companies across India,We understand our clients SMO requirement and help them to access the right target audience. You can contact us for an effective social media marketing services in Bangalore ,India.

Top Social Media Platforms

The advertisers need to select the best social media platforms compatible to their businesses. We need to select the social media platform properly , otherwise we may not get the best ROI for your business .We will analyse and find out which platform would be suitable for your business. Below are the most popular social platforms commonly used by all the advertisers

Social Media Strategy
Real-Time Monitoring
Content Development
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Mobile Apps and Development

Android App Development

Best Digital Marketing has the best technical team for implementing Android App Development projects in Bangalore ,India. Android, with increased number of smartphones depending on it than all other competitors combined has a greater marker share many times over. It also brings a specific problem device fragmentation. Android is like a common trend, all of them have their version of it. Whatever may it be , Android enjoys the mobile market share with more than 3/4ths of all the smartphones in the world whih is projecting the preferred green logo, no one can ignore it.

IOS (IPAD) App Development

Best Digital Marketing has been developing IOS(Ipad) apps in Bangalore ,India for different domains and business , with different levels of complexities. It includes apps for e-commerce, travel ,real estate ,enterprise functions,sales & marketing and so on. We work to develop apps that can offer the desired results in the best possible way, which will deliver assured optimum amount of user interaction and satisfaction.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

With the new features of each mobile platforms, the total costs involved in building , native and unique solutions for each platform have increased in a big way .Because of this ,the current trend for mobile apps for various business requirements is to build them as cross platform applications which leads to considerable decrease in the price and effort.

Best Digital Marketing has the best cross platform mobile app development staff in Bangalore ,India , providing cross platform apps for all the current mobile operating systems ,which included Android,iOS,Windows Phone and Blackberry OS . Cross platform apps may not be applicable for all types of applications, like visually rich consumer apps and some high-end games .

Best Digital Marketing will analyse your requirement and propose if cross platform apps would be the best for your business or not. Considering the different inherent benefits and shortcomings of cross platform app development, it is advisable to invest in the right development partner to gain all the possible advantages. Best Digital Marketing is one of the best vendor for cross platform mobile apps development.

Reach us as we are the cross platform mobile application company

With a skillful team of cross platform developers and HTML5 professionals in our Bangalore centre , Best Digital Marketing can build cross platform apps for any business need. We have a very vast experience for developing exceptional cross platform mobile applications by including diverse frameworks like WidgetsPad,PhoneGap,Appcelerator Titanium,Whoop, Rhomobile, MoSync,HTML5 etc. We also make the website responsive hence making them perfectly compatible for all types of screen sizes, whether be it mobiles, laptops or tablets.

The cross platform mobile application developed by our team offers the below advantages

1) Effective usable apps

2) We test it in details using unit testing,testing on various platforms and devices, test automation, , testing by various screen sizes, etc, before the apps goes out live in the real world .

3) High performance with super speed response times

4) Iterative apps design and development using Extreme Programming Methodologies and Scrum .

5) We have developed the most creative cross platform mobile applications for different industries including e-commerce, music & video, travel, entertainment,news,photography,etc.

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The mobile ecosystem mostly encompasses the portals to 2 platforms.

Yes ,obviouly it is “Goolge Play Store” for Android and the “iTunes” for IOS. The other platforms have not gained much familiarity . We provide efficient services to our clients, by carrying their app to Google play store and itunes by optimizing their visibility on these app stores. Our services include post-development of these apps- Android and iOS- inlcudes, ensuring the appearance of the app inside the app stores, improving the positioning on the app stores and continuing services related to marketing which results in better downloads and usage. The strategies we use involve both keyword and asset optimization for the app .We also promote marketing which results in increased downloads. In SEO, the ultimate goal is to acquire traffic whereas in ASO the main goal is to make the users reach the app page on app stores, which will lead to downloads by relevant users. Just as our SEO services, our services in ASO also is based on pure white hat practices. We believe in following long term, ethical practices for App Store Optimization , than following wrong methods for short term gains.

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IoT Application Development

Internet of Things (IoT) Application development company

Internet of Things or IoT means devices which collect and transmit data through the internet. It is a popular topic of conversation in the workplace as well as outside of it. Internet of Things technologies includes software, processors and web-enabled sensors — where it allows objects to capture and transmit data quickly and constantly. Because of its increasing demand in the market, there is a requirement for a good IoT application design and development for companies in various sectors and BestDigitalMarketing has the right set of professional team to resolve it.

Best IoT Application Development Company located in Bangalore-India

We have the best IoT application development team which offers internet of things products and applications that results in growth.

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