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Google Local Listing

Also called Google Maps or Google My Business Listing or Google Places

For long time , businesses have been using phone directories to show themselves on map which will make them visible when customers looks for them . As Google’s business nature almost being the search type and since 90% of online queries begin with search engine, Google has also come with its own local business listings.Google denotes its local business listing platform as Google Maps or Google My Business Listing or Google Local Busines. Google Local Listing results include business name,Phone number,website and address.Once registered in local listing , clients can respond to customers review and include images which will help their business to reach out to more people When prospects search for local keywords in Google, they will be shown local business listings.Many customers and prospects are using Google Maps App specifically for driving directions.If customers are using mobile device, they can tap directly on the listed phone number and reach you . Getting good customers reviews also improves the chance of getting a good position in the local listing . Google gives more importance to business with Local listings to integrate their listings with a Google Plus profile for their business account. Building more number of citations ,which is nothing but listing your business profile in different directories helps in increasing the local listing position .Adding photos related to your business is also advisable for quick local listing

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