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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ,in other words specifies regarding a legal document which specifies the method by which a party acquires, makes use, manages it and at the same time discloses the customer data .The content of the privacy policy depends on the law being followed in the specific jurisdiction or land .We at Best Digital Marketing believe in our privacy policy usage.

The information acquired in our website is authentic and independently owned by us .The information provided by you will remain with us .We gather or access the information which is voluntarily given to us by our customers directly through mail or contact.

We, at Best Digital Marketing, do not trade this information with anybody or the involved third party.

Based on your request, we will contact you via emails to provide you the information about the new products as well as our services or special offers which would be lined up .We would also provide the information regarding the new changes in our privacy policy.

What if you want to Unsubscribe?

In the situation where you propose to Unsubscribe, you can follow a very easy process .You can exit the contract any time by requesting us for the same by email request or through our feedback form.

Policies related to Security

Our company takes the utmost measures and precautions to keep your information details confidential and protected .Your personal information given to us by you is very critical and your submission method using our web portal is 100 percent safe, both in online and offline mode.

The Credit card data which is a very sensitive data , is collected by reliable vendors like CC Avenue which are encrypted suitably .This verification happens through a closed lock at the base of web browser or through search of a ‘https’ symbol in initials of web address , while implementing the transaction.

In order to protect the security of this critical information during online transmission, Encryption would be used.

We also adopt security measures during offline mode .Details can be accessed only if needed for doing a particular task like customer billing or service. The information which is identifiable personally is stored in password servers, which are protected and computers which are protected further by a reliable hardware firewall.

Contact Form

If you require Best Digital Marketing to get in touch with you, please fill the online form with specific information related to your name, email address, etc.

If in case, Best Digital Marketing changes its privacy policy, our customers will be informed via this website itself.

Refund Policy

Best Digital Marketing has a slightly different refund policy, in the matters, related to offered services.

You need to refer to the specific refund policies for collecting more details about the different refunds, which are applicable for specific services .Best Digital Marketing does not offer any guarantee regarding the refunds for cancellation for a specific service is concerned.

Best Digital Marketing would be bound to act on the basis of agreement that has got signed between the customer and Best Digital Marketing .No refund can be offered for charges related to transaction or for funds which are invested on search engines as well as for all services which are delivered already or any miscellaneous charges which cannot be recovered by Best Digital Marketing and also the refund for which leads to a loss for Best Digital Marketing.

Cancellation Policy

Best Digital Marketing has a slightly different cancellation policy ,for services related to Search Engine Optimisation ,Pay Per Click Management as well as all other services specifically .For each particular category ,you need to refer to a particular service agreement for seeing the specifications or details of the cancellation policy .You can make requests for cancellation policy by email or phone .Acceptance of cancellation requests from client side solely resides in the approval of Best Digital Marketing . If the cancellation request is approved by us, we will send you a confirmation email regarding the same, by doing the needful.

As an organisation, Best Digital Marketing has the exclusive rights to bring about any change in the provisions of refund or cancellation policy without any prior notification.