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Mobile Apps and Development

Android App Development

Best Digital Marketing has the best technical team for implementing Android App Development projects in Bangalore ,India. Android, with increased number of smartphones depending on it than all other competitors combined has a greater marker share many times over. It also brings a specific problem device fragmentation. Android is like a common trend, all of them have their version of it. Whatever may it be , Android enjoys the mobile market share with more than 3/4ths of all the smartphones in the world whih is projecting the preferred green logo, no one can ignore it.

IOS (IPAD) App Development

Best Digital Marketing has been developing IOS(Ipad) apps in Bangalore ,India for different domains and business , with different levels of complexities. It includes apps for e-commerce, travel ,real estate ,enterprise functions,sales & marketing and so on. We work to develop apps that can offer the desired results in the best possible way, which will deliver assured optimum amount of user interaction and satisfaction.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

With the new features of each mobile platforms, the total costs involved in building , native and unique solutions for each platform have increased in a big way .Because of this ,the current trend for mobile apps for various business requirements is to build them as cross platform applications which leads to considerable decrease in the price and effort.

Best Digital Marketing has the best cross platform mobile app development staff in Bangalore ,India , providing cross platform apps for all the current mobile operating systems ,which included Android,iOS,Windows Phone and Blackberry OS . Cross platform apps may not be applicable for all types of applications, like visually rich consumer apps and some high-end games .

Best Digital Marketing will analyse your requirement and propose if cross platform apps would be the best for your business or not. Considering the different inherent benefits and shortcomings of cross platform app development, it is advisable to invest in the right development partner to gain all the possible advantages. Best Digital Marketing is one of the best vendor for cross platform mobile apps development.

Reach us as we are the cross platform mobile application company

With a skillful team of cross platform developers and HTML5 professionals in our Bangalore centre , Best Digital Marketing can build cross platform apps for any business need. We have a very vast experience for developing exceptional cross platform mobile applications by including diverse frameworks like WidgetsPad,PhoneGap,Appcelerator Titanium,Whoop, Rhomobile, MoSync,HTML5 etc. We also make the website responsive hence making them perfectly compatible for all types of screen sizes, whether be it mobiles, laptops or tablets.

The cross platform mobile application developed by our team offers the below advantages

1) Effective usable apps

2) We test it in details using unit testing,testing on various platforms and devices, test automation, , testing by various screen sizes, etc, before the apps goes out live in the real world .

3) High performance with super speed response times

4) Iterative apps design and development using Extreme Programming Methodologies and Scrum .

5) We have developed the most creative cross platform mobile applications for different industries including e-commerce, music & video, travel, entertainment,news,photography,etc.

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