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Google Adwords - Pay Per Click

Adwords ( Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing or Paid Advertisement) is one of the fastest ways to generate highly relevant traffic to your website. It is one of the more cost effective marketing method for companies of different sizes . Since online medium has become a necessity for all business , the need for Pay Per Click PPC Management advertising has increased to a large extent. If you intend to implement a PPC campaign for your business, do try us.We have a knowledgable team of Google AdWords Certified professionals having expertise in analyzing and procuring the best PPC Solutions which will work for any kind of business. Not only Google AdWords, our BestDigitalMarketing team can manage Pay Per Click campaigns on different search engine platform.

Pay Per Click Process involves the below steps :
  • Initial Discussion to know the Objective - In the initial stage ,we discuss with our client to know the objective of the businesss for PPC Campaign
  • Website Analysis - After collecting inputs from client , we analyze the services offered on client website to make a productive strategy for PPC campaign.
  • eyword Research and Analysis - We analyse and find different prospective keywords based on the client's products and services targeted
  • Responsive Ad Text Writing - We create adcopies for your product and services with relevant keyword by using effective Ad Text Writing.To get maximum clicks ,we implement A-B Testing by making live 2 different variants of ad to achieve high CTR.
  • Competitor Analysis - we do a periodical analysis on our competitiors process .This helps us to improve our client services
  • Ad Extensions - We incorporate ad extension feature to mention some additional information about clients business like phone number, address, etc.
  • Bid Management - We do periodical checking of bid management so that our clients ads remains at a productive position all the time.
  • Periodical Reports - We send you a weekly or bi-weekly click report of your ppc account and discuss this report to plan the future strategy.
PPC will help the client to gain the following benefits :

1) Fast and quick visibility in the online medium.
2) Increase domestic as well as international visibility.
3) Set our own budget based on the response acquired in the initial stage of ppc campaign .
4) It also helps to improve the traffic on the website which indirectly affects Seo Permformance positively .

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